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Salaam Shalom was founded in 2006, based on the belief that greater understanding between people of different faiths and cultures results in better tolerance among communities.


Our focus is to strengthen relations between UK Muslims and Jews and the wider communities they are a part of, helping to challenge prejudice and prevent discrimination. Dialogue is critical to this process.  Salaam Shalom believes that encouraging conversation and debate through arts, media or education activities can help influence positive understanding and change negative perceptions between individuals and communities.


Frida and Saiqa - Khaas

A powerful collection of interviews with eight Muslim, one Sikh and four Jewish Influencers. They describe their upbringing and development of a social conscience; recognition of what their community lacked; community initiatives they founded and a future vision for their community and relationships between other Bristol communities.


Over the years, Salaam Shalom has developed projects in three main areas: Arts, Education and Media

From classroom activities based on identity for Primary and Secondary school children, to fine art exhibitions, theatre productions, interviews with local Muslim and Jewish ‘influencers’, visits to world historic sites, blogs, podcasts and videos, Salaam Shalom has worked with individuals and communities to find innovative ways to encourage dialogue.

About Us

Salaam Shalom has developed from an internet radio station to a project-based, cross-community organisation.

With a very small team of dedicated Trustees, Project Managers and Volunteers – backed by local, national and international funders – Salaam Shalom has achieved significant impact by bringing together local communities in Bristol and beyond.

Get Involved

Salaam Shalom is constantly looking for new ideas, volunteers, influencers, Trustees and, of course, funders to keep the organisation moving forward.

A key principle of dialogue is listening more than speaking, so we are eager to hear from anyone that shares our desire to strengthen communities and encourage positive growth and change in the UK.


Salaam Shalom is run by a small part-time team. To contact us, simply follow the link and complete our contact form.  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


We are dependent on charitable giving to continue and develop the work we do and are grateful for any donations received.

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