Podcast 7: Javed and Tal

A very busy 30 days featuring Hanukka, Christmas, New Year and the beginning of the Muslim year 1430 Al-Hijira. With global attention once again on the Middle East, we provide a timely reminder that fighting is not the only thing happening in today’s world. People are still talking, still interacting, still learning from each other. Recorded in December, it’s a bumper edition featuring more stories and some great music collected by our team in Bristol, UK. In these 100 minutes of unique intercultural dialogue, your co-hosts Javed and Tal are joined by:

-Ken Masters and Stefan Freedman to discuss how dancing brings people together with ‘Dancing Through Walls’,

– author Michael Morpurgo talks about his new book ‘The Mozart Question’,

– Holocaust survivor and human rights campaigner Hedy Epstein (part 2 of her interview with Peter Brill),

– Victoria Feltham’s ‘Stages’ slot features intercultural jazz collective The Berekah Project,

– in ‘Arabesque’, presenter Andy Roberts talks to one of the world’s few male belly dancers. There’s also music submitted by some of our listeners around the world, plus we feature new sounds from Jewish band Rockiah. Phew!

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