Podcast: BBC Radio 4 Documentary

In this Podcast, first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 – Gerry Northam reports from Radio Salaam Shalom, here he talks to it’s volunteers and hears about how this unique online radio station launched in Bristol in February 2007. In this 30 minute documentary, he explores the reasons behind this unique project.

About the presenter : Gerry Northam became a news reporter in 1970 with BBC local radio in Stoke-On-Trent and joined the File on 4 team in 1979.

His programmes have covered a wide international range – from the enormous sums of money needlessly wasted on misdirected cancer research to the failure of food aid policy in the world’s poorest countries, the activities of CIA-supported death squads in Central America, exposing top-level political collaborators with the Sicilian Mafia and highlighting corruption in Iraq under the American-led Coalition after the 2003 war, and investigating China’s crackdown on human rights activists in preparation for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

In Britain, he regularly reports on education and health issues and has taken a special interest in the criminal justice system – exposing the secret militarisation of police riot squads, the failures of police complaints investigators and persistent racism through the ranks.

Gerry also reports for BBC television current affairs, initially for Brass Tacks and then Public Eye and now for Panorama.


Gerry Northam biog taken from the BBC Radio 4 website, CLICK HERE TO READ

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