Realizing the Philosophy of Fasting.

The blessed month of Ramadan is going on and every Muslim has a desire to get some benefit out of it. It is a blessed month with the philosophy of making someone who fasts become more pious. In addition, create a sense and feeling for all those who are deprived of all these luxurious foods and grandiose drinks that we take for granted. There are many who have a meal today but still have fear weather they will be able to get the next one or not, and there are many who have no other choice than drinking mud water as clean water is not available. At the time when we have strong hunger pangs and feel like all the water inside our body has vanished, we  feel for those not so fortunate people and at that time we realise how blessed we are.

I always claim to be the student of life- each day, each hour, and each moment is a chapter and lesson to me. I try to learn new things from everything I experience. Every Ramadan I try to learn something new that can bring a positive change in me. This year I had the experience that I never had before. Yesterday my phone battery died, unfortunately I am among the technology dependant class of humans and this dependency led me to skip Sehar (the meal before Dawn for the purpose of fasting). I woke up at 5 when time bashed me with a defeat that it has promised to all those who don’t care for it.

I started making many plans like drinking little water and then respect the rest of Ramadan, it was an easy way that I rejected after an argument with myself. There were two reasons for that, one is that fasting is my favourite kind of worship, and second is the eagerness to experience and learn something from Roza e Nihar (I am sorry I could not find out Arabic term for it if anyone knows it please increase my knowledge). I appreciated the dinner I had and that one glass of water that I had the previous night.

I kept myself busy during the whole day by reading, doing some academic work, watching documentaries and many other things I normally do while fasting or other things that are part of a Muslim life, such as the five daily prayers. The day went well and the time came when I was about to break my first ever Roza e Nihar (fast without dawn meal) and I was feeling the happiness that Allah has promised to the one who fasts.

At that time I was thinking about what I had learnt from this day, I felt for all those who cannot enjoy blessings that I have access to. I kept myself busy in different things that made the day easy for me, but what about those who cannot make their day easy with such things. There are those who bear the thirst of water in the massive heat who have a far bigger struggle than what I was facing in my comfortable room.

One more lesson I learned, was the determination of will power, I showed determination to myself and I thank Almighty Allah for that and by the end of the day, I managed to keep the motivation high and reached my goal. I learnt that when you make a decision do something right and keep up with it, the promised divine help reaches to you.

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