Bristol Palestine Film Festival

Bristol Palestine Film Festival
Bristol Palestine Film Festival is committed to providing an opportunity for moviegoers in the Southwest to experience the lives of Palestinian people through film.  By bringing to Bristol, Palestinian film, art and culture we invite viewers to explore the multiple realities and identities of the Palestinian people.  It is this focus on humanness and the expression of the everyday lives of Palestinians that is at the core the mission of this Festival.

We aim to create connections for cultural and artistic exchange between the makers of film, visual art, and writing and viewers.  We hope to engage with our audience in critical and reflective ways.  Through this process we believe we will challenge participants and ourselves.

Bristol Palestine Film Festival is presented in partnership with cinemaPalestino and the Showroom Workstation, Sheffield (  

cinemaPalestino is a season of the latest films to explore issues that affect us all – falling in love, making a home, caring for family and for freedom – but all under the shadow of a military occupation that distorts all aspects of daily life for the people of Palestine.

cinemaPalestino is a celebration of Palestinian culture through drama and documentary film – looking beyond the stereotypes of dramatic headlines – to discover that, despite more than 60 years of unimaginable oppression, Palestinians have retained a vital, creative and powerful identity.

Originating in Sheffield in 2009, cinemaPalestino is a creative collaboration between members of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the Yorkshire-Palestine Cultural Exchange and Sheffield’s Showroom Cinema.

Our Supporters
Watershed is a cultural cinema and digital creativity centre in Bristol, UK.  We curate ideas, spaces and talent to enable artistic visions and creative collaborations to flourish.  We produce work that cuts across film, music, theatre, design, visual art, and the creative and technology sectors.

The Bristol Festival of Ideas aims to stimulate people’s minds and passions with an inspiring programme of discussion and debate throughout the year.  It brings together many of the cultural organisations in the city along with universities and others (the responsibility for the programme is BCP’s alone). It seeks to provide an annual festival of debate and discussion in May with special events through the year.

Essential trading is a UK based workers cooperative that specialises in supplying organic, GMO free, Fair-Trade, vegetarian and vegan wholefoods.  We aim to exist as a financially successful, non-hierarchical, democratic organisation where workers participate in the creation and running of their working environment.  Amongst our many trading principles we are committed to opposing exploitation of animals, promoting healthy eating, protecting the environment, human rights and a dedication to co-operative principles.

Since the first delivery of 200 bottles, Zaytoun has pioneered Fair Trade for Palestinian olive farmers, launching the world’s first Fair Trade olive oil in 2009, along with introducing many other Palestinian products to the British marketplace.  Zaytoun  believes that the products speak for themselves, and for the people who produce them,  yet it’s not just about trade – farmers tell us every year how much they value meeting British customers and the opportunity to share their lives and their stories with  us.

 Showroom Workstation, Sheffield is one of the largest independent cinema in Europe with four luxury auditoria, education spaces and a café/bar. It presents a lively programme of films from around the world, from contemporary film to classic cinema, and is the place to be for anyone with a passion for film.  Showroom regularly hosts festivals and creative events which give a chance to meet experts from different media, learn new skills and cultivate new ideas.  The Workstation is a hothouse for the creative industries sector, with over 60 tenant companies working with clients in the region, the UK and beyond. 


The programme at a glance

Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2011
Thu 1 – Sat 10 Dec

Bristol Palestine Film Festival, 2011
(No) Laughing Matter + Hassan Everywhere Fri 2 Dec 18:00
Leila Sansour, Cathi Pawson & Honey Thaljieh Sat 3 Dec 18.00
The taste of Palestine Sat 3 Dec 19.45
Jaffa: The Clockwork’s Orange presented by Ghada Karmi Sat 3 Dec 20.30
The cinema of absurdity Sun 4 Dec 13:00
Women in the Stadium + Q & A Sun 4 Dec 13:00
Amreeka + Eid Sun 4 Dec 15.00
Journeys Mon 5 Dec 19.00
My name is Ahlam + Missing Tue 6 Dec 18:00
Football Against the Wall + 7Stones + Circus2Iraq Thu 8 Dec 19.30
Checkpoint Fri 9 Dec 18.30
Bristol Palestine Arts and Photography Exhibition Thu 1 Dec – Sat 10 Dec

(No) Laughing Matter + Hassan Everywhere
Fri 2 Dec 18:00 WATERSHED

Convinced that humour knows no frontiers, young filmmaker Vanessa Rousselot embarks on an unusual quest: to search for humour in the West Bank.

Leila Sansour, Cathi Pawson and Honey Thaljieh TALK
Sat 3 Dec 18.00 WATERSHED

Focusing on the role of film, tourism, food and football in building bridges between Palestine and the rest of the world.

The taste of Palestine
Sat 3 Dec 19.45 Arnolfini

Join us before the evening’s screening with a tasting session facilitated by Zaytoun, a community interest company founded to develop a UK market for artisan Palestinian produce

Jaffa: The Clockwork’s Orange
Sat 3 Dec 20.30 Arnolfini

Visually captivating and politically bold, this enticing new film by acclaimed filmmaker Eyal Sivan weaves a rich tapestry of stunning archival material and striking interviews to explore the entwined visual and political history of the Jaffa Orange.

The Cinema of Absurdity WORKSHOP
Sun 4 Dec 13:00 WATERSHED

This workshop will explore Elia Suleiman surreal stories of the daily lives of Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

Amreeka + Eid
Sun 4 Dec 15.00 WATERSHED

Cherien Dabis’s auspicious debut chronicles the adventures of Muna, a single mother who leaves the West Bank with Fadi, her teenage son, with dreams of the future in the promised land of small town Illinois.

Journeys POETRY
Mon 5 Dec 19.00 Hamilton House

Join us for a warm and insightful evening of poetry readings and cultural exchange as we bring together an international collection of award-winning poets exploring the theme of ‘journeys’ to and away from home. 

My name is Ahlam+Missing
Tue 6 Dec 18:00 WATERSHED

While fighting for her daughter’s right to receive adequate treatment for her leukaemia, Aisha – a Palestinian woman living in the West Bank, undergoes a process of empowerment.

Over the Wall + TALK Conor McCormack + TALK Circus2Iraq
Thu 8 Dec 19.30 the Cube

Join us for night of Bristol-based action featuring Easton Cowboys, award winning director Conor McCormack and the innovative Circus2Iraq.

Checkpoint Film
Fri 9 Dec 18:30 Hamilton House

A young Palestinian boy living in the Gaza strip accompanies his father on monthly visits to the ruins of a destroyed village. Though he doesn’t understand his father’s ritual, he feels he has a duty to help him.

The Bristol Palestine Arts and Photography Exhibition
Thu 1 Dec – Sat 10 Dec (closed on Sat 3 Dec) Hamilton House

 A thoughtful collection of art, photography and models on show throughout the festival, featuring local and international artists. 


For more information about the film festival, its aims and objectives or to request interviews with key speakers contact David Owen at / 07977971737.  Visit our website: Follow us on twitter:!/BristolPFF 

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