Discover Me Photos!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to Discover Me! Many Thanks to M-Shed for supporting this event.

Special thanks to Naif Pierre [M-Shed], Abdul Jamal, YAKEEN, Maz Shar, Vernon Harwood [BBC], Rob Hurford, Ruben Kostucki, Jony Levin, Ruth Hennel, Nawaaz Hussain, Shamil Ahmed, Frank Thomas, Kamola Zakirova & Mina Abassi,  for your contributions!

Thanks to UoB Spotlights Society for your immersive performances held throughout M-Shed on Saturday 11th [Joe Banks, Rose Bonsier, Theo Scholefield, Sophia Pervilhac, Oli Arnoldi, Delphi Lythgoe, Katies O’Leary, Natasha Percival]. And for your performance on Sunday 12th ‘Faces In a Crowd’ [Katie Sherrard, Claudia Jolly, Marrietta Kirkbride, Becky Ripley, Jenny Davies, Rosalind Russell, Henry Lambert, Ed Philips, Lexi Hearth, Imogen Comrie] It was funny, intelligent, moving and contemporary- the audience were captivated!

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