Proud2B Lockleaze + Cabot

Thank you to all the schools that have been participating in Proud2B since June 2011! To keep our supporters up-to-date, we’re going to post more about our projects on our website.

Special thank you to the schools, staff and most importantly the pupils who participated in our most recent Proud2B project, pairing a group of pupils from Lockleaze Primary School with a group of pupils from Cabot Primary School .

Find below a link to download a song collaboratively written and performed by pupils during week three of the project.

Lockleaze & Cabot Primary schools Salaam Shalom Song 2013

In Week 1 and 2 pupils learn interviewing skills and interview members of their local community. In week 4 pupils edit some of this material and also interview eachother in Salaam Shalom’s studio. A Podcast of these recording will be included in this post soon- so check back if you’d like to listen to pupils interviews!

Thanks to Mark, Talia and Karan for supporting Shabana and Rebecca deliver this project.

Project Outcomes:


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