Young People’s Festival of Ideas: The Army Wants You, But Do You Want It?

Debates, laughter, and lots and lots of free thinking.

With mass unemployment of 18-25 year olds, joining the Armed Forces is becoming an attractive job opportunity and a way of getting further training.

But is the way the forces market themselves accurate and morally right? What should the role of the armed forces today be? And is it about fighting wars, serving your country or just getting a job?

The panel will include James Wharton, author of ‘Out in the Army’ who will talk about what it was like to be a gay soldier coming out in the Armed Forces ( Becky Mead, Young Arnolfini member, will share her experience of being the partner of someone in the Forces. Lieutenant Colonel Ben Tomkins, who has been an officer for 25 years. For the past 2, he has been the Commanding Officer of Bristol’s Officer Training Corps, charged with developing university undergraduates to be future leaders.

Inspired by Bristol Festival of Ideas, Salaam Shalom Youth Council and Young Arnolfini have teamed up again to curate a unique platform allowing young people to share ideologies and philosophies with a panel of speakers, including young people representatives.

After the success of our last YPFoI series on ‘Pornography and the Public’, ‘the Power of Social Media’, and ‘Class and Education’ make sure to reserve* your seat now in person at Arnolfini’s Box Office or calling on 0117 917 2300.

Bring along yourself, a mate, and your opinions

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