Proud2B aims to tackle root causes of prejudice and discrimination through providing opportunities for inter-community learning. Schools from different areas of Bristol are brought together to participate in media and arts activities that enable them to explore their identity, culture and shared sense of community. The project aims to improve tolerance and understanding between children from different areas of the City.

The key to this project, is its long-term impact. The project aims to raise inter-community awareness and help prevent the development of prejudices, discrimination and fear of ‘the other’ as pupils embark on their move to secondary schools and beyond. The second stage of this project enables children from different areas of Bristol to come together,

The key themes running through the creative workshops are;

  • Learning about Bristol’s different faith communities,
  • Sharing and expressing what ‘community’ means to all pupils
  • Celebrating both similarities and differences.


Three classes, from three different Primary schools are mixed so that pupils will work together with pupils from each school throughout over the course of one day. Each class has participated in a introductory session prior to attending the event and meeting other pupils from other schools.

The workshops are delivered by creative professionals.

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