Proud2B Day

We worked with 60 children from Cabot and Avonmouth Primary schools, from very different areas of the City. They participated in a range of creative workshops that helped them to learn more about eachother and other communities.

As part of the media workshop, pupils created questions they then used to interview Muslim and Jewish guests, Martin Vegoda and Rizwan Ahmed.


We asked pupils to rate their knowledge and confidence in different areas before and after the project. The graph below illustrates the overall average of all pupils’ ratings.










Pupils also believe they improved their speaking, listening and interviewing skills through the project. And over 85% of pupils believe that since doing the project, they would be more confident in helping others being bullied because of their identity.

The majority of pupils enjoyed meeting other children and ‘making new friends’ from the other school. The following quotes give a flavour of some of the learning;

[I learnt] ‘People are different religions but we are all one’

‘The Jewish and Muslim men [they interviewed] respect each others cultures’

[I Learnt] ‘To be more caring when question asking. And where to hold a microphone when interviewing’

[I learnt about] ‘Jewish and Muslim Religions’

[I learnt] ‘We need to respect each other’

[I learnt] ‘There are so many communities’

[I learnt] ‘Not to be shy’

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