Podcast 27: CEJI podcast from Brussels


Presenters Carolyn Clitheroe and Danyal Laskar joined Jewish and Muslim participants from across Europe in a special live webcast from Brussels. It was the venue for a CEJI Seminar on Confronting Antisemitism and Islamophobia Through Media Literacy.

Jewish and Muslim youth leaders aged 18 – 35 worked with new training manuals addressing Antisemitism and Islamophobia developed by CEJI’s Religious Diversity education team together with the Jewish Muslim Cooperation Platform and EPTO (European Peer Trainers Organisation).

This seminar addressed antisemitism and islamophobia through media literacy as participants learned to confront antisemitism and islamophobia in the media, develop critical thinking skills to analyse the media and develop skills and techniques to develop their own media tools. At the end of the seminar, they worked with Radio Salaam Shalom’s team to produce a special internet broadcast to showcase the results of their time together.

The seminar has the generous support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

Podcast 26: Fond Jewish memories of life in Arab lands.

75 year- old Alica Shapira recently visited Bristol from Israel and was invited to visit the studios of Radio Salaam Shalom. In this ‘enhanced’ interview, listen as she tells us about life in Casablanca in the late thirties and forties through the eyes of a Jewish child.

Alica Shapira’s story portrays the ties of Muslim and Jewish culture reflected through custom, music, food and other aspects of daily life.

In Casablanca Alica Edri (her maiden name) lived a life of poverty whithin the walls of the Medina. She, her mother and father, brothers and sisters occupied one damp, dark room. Money was scarce and food was in short supply. At the age of six Alica began working to bring money home, but later conditions improved when she was employed as a live-in seamestress. In her new settings she spoke French, learnt a new trade, made new friends, and discovered the world of cinema… In 1951 she immigrated to Israel to begin her new life as an Israeli citizen. For the last 58 years, as a member of 3 different Kibbutzim in Israel, in a world apart from everything she new in Morocco, Alice never forgot her roots. These days, the Jewish Moroccan community is of a momentous significance in the Israeli society, but in the early 50’s in a Kibbutz in Israel, Alica found herself to be one of the only “sephardi” (Eastern Jew) in an Ashkenazi (European Jew) community. Brought up in an Arab culture until she was sixteen Alica was to discover that her “ways” were quite different from those of the other members of the kibbutz who predominantly originated from Europe. With the years, Alica integrated well into her new environment, but images of the streets of her childhood in Casablanca have never left her….



In the latest of our “Inclusive Exclusive” features, four of our Jewish and Muslim team were given an exclusive opportunity to spend time with a high-profile personality whose work puts him on the Jewish/Muslim radar.

Ambassador Prosor was in Bristol for a public speaking engagement with Bristol University’s International Affairs Society. (More on that here).

Listen to our inclusive team’s conversation with the Ambassador as we shared some exclusive time together in a (very noisy) city centre hotel conference room.

Podcast 24: Muslim Women as Peacemakers

This is the second in the ‘Women in Islam’ series hosted by Majida Khan.

This podcast brings to light three stories of Muslim women, who keep their faith and femininity fully intact while carrying out dynamic peacemaking initiatives on numerous levels – international, national, community and even at home.

Meet Saida…a young French woman who determinately defends her faith as well as her civil rights when confronted with discrimination for her hijab.

Meet Tameem..an Iraqi academic in peacemaking as well as a witness to each of the recent wars in Iraq….learn from how she remained committed to peacemaking…even in the most dire circumstances…

Meet Anjum…a British Muslim and interfaith dialogue pioneer….how she chose to proactively deal with preventing violent extremism as well as its resultant discrimination..

Join presenter Majida Islam Khan on the 2nd of this series, as she get’s inspired from these real stories as well as learning from scholarly commentators on the unique role of women as peacemakers!

Music Credits:

‘Make a Prayer’ and ‘We will Never Submit’ – from the album ‘My Ummah’ by Sami Yusuf.

Podcast 23: The Abraham Nexus Show – FINALE!

Since our launch in early 2007, the co-hosting team of Javid Latif and Tal Lesham have been an integral part of our Muslim-Jewish programmes. Anyone listening to their show “The Abraham Nexus” would know that their conversations revealed a growing mutual respect for and awareness of their own – and each other’s – opinions, ideas and values.

Before Tal headed off for pastures new (ISLANDS new, actually), he and Javid joined up for one last recording session in the Radio Salaam Shalom studios.

Joined by several of their colleagues, Tal and Javed look back on their time together as “Abraham Nexus” co-presenters. In this show, they also featured an interview with a leading dietary specialist who looked at the issues of Diabetes during Ramadhan, discovered the thought-provoking ideas of Turkish Muslim thinker Adnan Oktar/Harun Yahya, and shared the stories of the Jewish-Palestinian Change Night hosted by Libby and Len Traubman’ Living Room Dialogues group in California.

We wish Tal all the best in his new island home – we’re sure Javid’s already booked his beach trip too.

Podcast 22: Urgent Actions and Dangerous Dynamics

Yahav Zohar, an Israeli activist from Jerusalem, came into the Radio Salaam Shalom studio to tell us about the actions he takes to help bring about an end to the occupation.

Yahav Zohar goes on demonstrations against the separation fence and land appropriations, volunteers with Rabbis for Human Rights accompanying farmers to land which settlers would not let them farm, gives political tours with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and is a member of the Jerusalem-Ramallah group of Combatants for Peace, a joint Palestinian Israeli political-activist group working both within the societies and directly against the occupation.

He came to tell us of the dangerous dynamic in Israel and the urgency of political action.

Podcast 21: Roots of Hatred – Part 2

In the latest of our ‘Roots of Hatred’ series, RSS presenters Valerie Emmott, Danyal Laskar and Madge Dresser continue their look at some small starts to big problems.

With the recent rise of the far-right in the UK and European elections, what’s the uneasy balance between democracy, free speech and hate speech? Does this say anything about intolerances and scapegoats in our modern world? How far back does Islamophobia go? Did anti-Semitism start in similar ways? What’s the story of the Saracen’s Head? How does a piece of ceramics found in a 21st century city centre development reveal the respect earned by Muslim leader Saladin in 12th century Bristol?

With more on the links between the Crusades and how we live now, it’s worth taking a close look at what ‘Crusade’ actually means. Madge speaks to Dr Peter Fleming, a specialist in Middle Ages Europe at the University of the West of England. She also talks to Gail Boyle, archaeologist at Bristol City Museums, about a surprising legacy of the new Colston Hall development.

It’s not all talk on the podcast. There’s also some amazing music, including a song that was ‘top of the charts’ back in the 12th Century! The Early Music Consort performs one of fewer than 200 pieces of medieval music that survive: “Chevalier, Mult Estes Guariz” from the time of the 2nd Crusade. Translation available here so put that on your – er – ‘knight’pod.


With the recent rise of the far-right in the UK and European elections, what’s the uneasy balance between democracy, free speech and hate speech? Does this say anything about intolerances and scapegoats in our modern world? How far back does Islamophobia go? Did anti-Semitism start in similar ways? What’s the story of the Saracen’s Head? How does a piece of ceramics found in a 21st century city centre development reveal the respect earned by Muslim leader Saladin in 12th century Bristol?

Podcast 20: Climate Change with Lisa and Shabana

This podcast is presented by volunteers Lisa Saffron and Shabana Kausur, who are joined in the Radio Salaam Shalom studio with two climate change campaigners to talk about – but what else?… What can we do to save the planet?

Along for the show’s eco-friendly ride were Christian Aid campaigner Adam Gardner, joined by the Loughborough Student Union’s Ethical and Environmental Development Officer Sarah Ettlinger. Sarah also campaigned for the environmental group People and Planet.

Podcast 19 SPECIAL FEATURE: Jews in Bristol – the book

Podcast 19 Cover

A ‘Special Feature’ presented by volunteer presenters Lisa Saffron and Madge Dresser.

Today in Bristol, there’s a Muslim population of around 30 000, most of them relatively recent arrivals to the city, having arrived over the last 50 years. This compares to a considerably smaller Jewish community of something around 1 000 alongside them in a city which is home to two synagogues and around a dozen mosques . (Click on these links for online tours of some of these local buildings from the local BBC website).

Not many people know the history of these communities here and very few realise that there’s a millenium’s worth of Jewish presence on the banks of the Avon River.


Podcast 18: Women in Islam with Majida Khan [Part1]


First in the new series ‘Women in Islam’ presented by volunteer Majida Khan.

Oppressed. Behind the veil. Submissive. These are just some of the myths and ideas surrounding Muslim women today. But are Muslim women really limited to this? Is the empowerment of Muslim women a myth, a reality or a bit of both?

Let’s take the questions a bit further. Do all people even believe in or agree with such stereotypes? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what is Bristol doing to address these issues?

Join RSS Presenter Majida Islam Khan as she explores these issues in the show ‘Empowered Muslim Women’ – the first in her new series on women in Islam.

Music Notes: includes instrumental tracks from Sami Yusuf.