Podcast 7: Javed and Tal

A very busy 30 days featuring Hanukka, Christmas, New Year and the beginning of the Muslim year 1430 Al-Hijira. With global attention once again on the Middle East, we provide a timely reminder that fighting is not the only thing happening in today’s world. People are still talking, still interacting, still learning from each other. Recorded in December, it’s a bumper edition featuring more stories and some great music collected by our team in Bristol, UK. In these 100 minutes of unique intercultural dialogue, your co-hosts Javed and Tal are joined by:

-Ken Masters and Stefan Freedman to discuss how dancing brings people together with ‘Dancing Through Walls’,

– author Michael Morpurgo talks about his new book ‘The Mozart Question’,

– Holocaust survivor and human rights campaigner Hedy Epstein (part 2 of her interview with Peter Brill),

– Victoria Feltham’s ‘Stages’ slot features intercultural jazz collective The Berekah Project,

– in ‘Arabesque’, presenter Andy Roberts talks to one of the world’s few male belly dancers. There’s also music submitted by some of our listeners around the world, plus we feature new sounds from Jewish band Rockiah. Phew!

Podcast 6: Dove

Eid Mubarak to our Muslim friends! In this drama-centred podcast, Lisa Saffron interviews playwright Sheila Yeger about her newest work, Dove.

Dove is a short play with a message of peace. It’s set nowhere in particular but relevant everywhere.

Available as part of this podcast as a rehearsed reading, it was recorded at Radio Salaam Shalom and was directed by Roger Stennett with the part of ‘Joe’ played by Vincenzo Pellegrino, ‘Hanne’ played by Pameli Benham and ‘Meg’ Whelan as Salma.

Podcast 5: Shabs and P Show

Peter Brill and Shabana Kausar bring you the latest Muslim and Jewish news. This programme includes:

* contributions from the USA as Libby and Len Traubman’s ‘Living Room Dialogues’ share 6 stories of Muslim and Jewish co-operation from all around the world.

* Radio Salaam Shalom were at the mid-year launch of the UK Friends of the Abraham Foundation Initiatives (TAFI-UK) in London where the the local team outlined exciting plans to extend the profile of the inspiring work carried out by their Israel-based parent organisation. TAFI-UK Chairman Lawrence Kaye tells us more about what’s ahead.

* In ‘Stages’, Victoria Feltham talks about comedy musical duo GOOD FOR THE JEWS and gives a preview of a forthcoming tour from the UK’s leading Muslim-Jewish-Christian jazz collective, the Berakah Project. ‘

* Crossing Cultures’ co-presenters Kalsoom and Naomi share thoughts on the meaning of empathy with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, a world authority in autism and professor of Psychopathology at Cambridge University.

* In the first part of an interview with holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein tells Peter Brill about how she was saved from the concentration camps as a young girl and escaped to start a new life away from the horrors of wartime Europe before experiencing the postwar realities for Jews and their new neighbours in the Middle East.

* Plus, DJ Phoenix and sidekick ‘Natural Bliss’ are ‘Kickin’ It Back’ with their take on the recent US elections and a look at how it connects with Jewish and Muslim communities in the US and around the world.

Podcast 4: CMJR Seminar

The Woolfe Institute of Abrahamic Faiths opened its Cambridge University-based Centre for Muslim and Jewish Relations at around the same time that Radio Salaam Shalom launched in early 2007.

Now the 2008 Cambridge Festival of Ideas has provided our two organisations with an excellent opportunity to work together for the first time.

Presented by Station Manager Kyle Hannan, this feature carries the full debate with the CMJR’s Dr Ed Kessler and Sheikh Michael Mumisa as they discuss “Jewish-Muslim Relations – The State of Play”, chaired by Salaam Shalom’s Madge Dresser.