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This project works with young people 14 yrs +

The Salaam Shalom’s Resistance project’s approach is to focus on the actions of bystanders and victims, encouraging them to become ‘Resistors’, rather than focusing on bullies. Research has found that bullying will stop in less than 10 seconds, 60% of the time, when peers intervene. Yet bystanders only intervene in 10-25% of bullying incidents.
‘This workshop actually made me want to stand up and do something.’ ‘Really enjoyed the session, feeling genuinely challenged after that! Thanks’

Aims of The Resistance Education Project;

  • To draw parallels between historical and contemporary forms of discrimination and its impact.
  • Help young people assess situations of conflict & progress from being bystanders to Resistors.
  • To increase young people’s confidence in preventing and challenging discrimination.We want to help equip young people with the skills and confidence to become active Resistors of prejudice and discrimination. Our workshops provide students with interactive media, hard hitting resources and the use of creative arts to analyze processes from bullying to genocide.The project is aimed at young people 16 to 18 year old’s to help them understand their role and responsibility in preventing prejudice and discrimination in their lives and the lives of the people around them.

Project Objectives:

  • Young people will learn to identify key behaviours of ‘victims’, ‘perpetrators’, ‘bystanders’ and ‘resistors’ in any conflict situation.
  • Young people will become more aware of the wider impact that their attitudes and actions towards prejudice and discrimination can have on society; through analysing historical and contemporary examples.
  • Young people will have identified the most common forms of bullying and discrimination amongst their peers and they will be more motivated to take action to prevent them.

We want our students to feel they can sustain their learning beyond the classroom. We want teachers to be fully equipped with the necessary resources to support this journey and help address further issues around equality and diversity . This is why Salaam Shalom have produced a Resistance learning resource pack in consultation with a number of education professionals. This resource pack is provided to teaching staff following delivery of the Resistance session.

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