Podcast 23: The Abraham Nexus Show – FINALE!

Since our launch in early 2007, the co-hosting team of Javid Latif and Tal Lesham have been an integral part of our Muslim-Jewish programmes. Anyone listening to their show “The Abraham Nexus” would know that their conversations revealed a growing mutual respect for and awareness of their own – and each other’s – opinions, ideas and values.

Before Tal headed off for pastures new (ISLANDS new, actually), he and Javid joined up for one last recording session in the Radio Salaam Shalom studios.

Joined by several of their colleagues, Tal and Javed look back on their time together as “Abraham Nexus” co-presenters. In this show, they also featured an interview with a leading dietary specialist who looked at the issues of Diabetes during Ramadhan, discovered the thought-provoking ideas of Turkish Muslim thinker Adnan Oktar/Harun Yahya, and shared the stories of the Jewish-Palestinian Change Night hosted by Libby and Len Traubman’ Living Room Dialogues group in California.

We wish Tal all the best in his new island home – we’re sure Javid’s already booked his beach trip too.

Podcast 9: Gaza and Vision

As the latest conflict in Gaza fades from the headlines, we focus on the issue of what lies ahead when the guns fall silent and the reporters go home: is there still a real vision for a peace beyond the destruction?

In this podcast, our team of Muslim and Jewish presenters are joined by contributors from around the world. They include:
– Ben Keene, setting up a Palestinian and Israeli peacebuilding audio recording project, (7m20s in)
CEJI Director Robin Sclafani on European Jewish-Muslim dialogue and their vision for peace (46m30s in).
– Len and Elias from the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogues initiative in the USA, (55m55s in)
Gershon Gan, former Israeli ambassador to Zimbabwe (1h,1m 45s in)

The programme also includes a deeply moving discussion between Salaam Shalom presenters and friends Javed and Tal (33m40s in). Presenter Danyel also provides an eyewitness account of local political activism sparked by the Gaza conflict, (17m30s in). It closes at 1h14m50s with a special look at Gaza by the “Kickin’ It Back” team.

We also feature the music of Yusuf Islam, David Broza and Said Murad, Hdag Nagash and other artists promoting the message of peace.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that segments of this programme were recorded before the most recent ceasefire.