This series of hard-hitting talks and debates encouraged young people to use dialogue to explore some of the cultural and faith challenges they face every day.


This project began as a collaboration of Salaam Shalom’s Youth Council with an Arnolfini Young Persons Group, supported by Andrew Kelly, Director of Bristol Festival of Ideas.

The result was the creation of  The Bristol Young Persons’ Festival of Ideas.  This series of discussions invited a panel of experts to debate a range of current topics with young people from a wide range of Bristol communities.  Panellists spoke for five minutes each, before the audience joined in the dialogue, posing questions, commenting or sharing experiences.

As an example, during the event on Racism, panellists and audience alike noted that, despite anti-discrimination legislation, expressions of racism continue in more or less subtle forms in the workplace and on the streets.

  • Racism ‘I’m not Racist but…’  (LISTEN HERE)
  • The Suppressed Majority?
  • The Army Wants You, But Do You Want It?
  • Class and Education:
  • The Power of Social Media: .
  • Pornography & The Public (LISTEN HERE)


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